What's Disney commercialization of a beloved local landmark and why does it -- what's that word again? Suck. Yeah, anyway, we're a bit late getting around to this Anaheim-based copycat of local treasure Palace of Fine Arts. Local blogger (and SFist commenter) MrEricSir noted the shocking similarities between the local landmark and the new Little Mermaid ride at Disney's California Adventure. (Aside: we can't wait to check it out during our next trip behind the Orange Curtain! Eee!)

MrEricSir tongue-in-cheekily writes:

Disney’s decision to commercialize a scale model of the Palace of Fine Arts must not be tolerated. This move is clearly a middle-finger to San Francisco, a city which is serious about protesting the commercialization of public property. But we do enjoy irony, which is why the Walt Disney Family Museum is located on public land.

I’m calling on all true San Franciscans to march to Disney’s California Adventure and stage a protest at the site of this effigy. Unfortunately it’s not free to enter the theme park. (Wise protesters will bring a coupon.)

In related news, the Disney family owns part of the Presidio. Coincidence?