Former Muni executive director Nat Ford has finally left the building with his $384,000 golden parachute, and with this news we were both relieved and disgusted. Debra Johnson, meanwhile, who was formerly Director of Administration, Taxis and Accessible Services, is serving as interim executive director until a new hire is made by the SFMTA board, on a schedule they've yet to announce. But, trying to play nice given what horrible press they've gotten — and given, ahem, what a majorly mismanaged organization they are with trains that have a penchant for breaking down during rush hour a couple of times a week — they're seeking some public commentary at this time. In other words, you now have a chance to make your opinions heard, via a handy online survey, about who they should hire as the next person to direct the agency and incur our wrath.

The survey is here. It's entirely unclear how big an impact this survey will have or whether this is just them going through the motions before appointing Ed Reiskin to the job. And we just started taking the survey and we're already unleashing our anger in the write-in, "Other" option on the first question, which is "In your opinion, what is the single most important task for the new ED/CEO?", with choice A being "Maintain quality service."

To which we angrily reply, in D) Other : How can one "maintain quality service" when current service is so infrequently of any "quality." How about creating a higher standard of quality service, improving on-time performance, and eventually reaching that 85% on-time goal??

Yeah, anyway, it's better than attending a public meeting. Those things are horrible.