Gary Danko, you are one lucky man. Noted Giants closer and all-around meaty stud Brian Wilson sang your titular restaurant praises on Monday night. Which, well... it doesn't get much better than that, Gary. That's love. In case you didn't hear, Wilson quipped the following during an interview: "Just a small little place called Gary Danko. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a 14-star restaurant. It’s got everything that you could possibly want. The lobster risotto...If there was another word for excellent…" We can't even imagine. Where does one go from there, Gary? Where?! You officially have it all. [MLB, via Inside Scoop]

Local legend and drag icon Juanita More launched a new food blog today. It's called Juanita Eats Out, which is described by Grub Street as "an amusing compendium of her dining experiences as well as her home recipes." What more do you need? Perfect. What's more, is you answer this question the best -- "What is the best San Francisco night out for dinner and drinks?" -- she'll cook a private dinner for eight people at Farm:Table. (Yes, she's that good.) [Grub Street]

A Pennsylvania restaurant made the bold decision to ban kids six and under in an effort to make their establishment's dining experience more pleasant. A heroic move? An anti-child smack in the face? We say the latter. [Hot Topics]

You know what's rad? Soup. You what's even radder? Duck. You know what happens when you put the two together? You get a dated black-and-white movie your grandparents still find funny. Also, you get one divine treat perfect for this (oddly) cold month we're having. Anyway, please allow Sara Deseran to tell you where to get this miraculous dish, which you can find near Union Square. [7x7]