While the city's Bureau of Engineering would have you believe that Filbert Street and 22nd Street are tied for San Francisco's steepest, the mild obsessives at local data blog DataPointed discovered a freshly paved section of Bradford Street that challenges everything we know about our city's inclines. DataPointed's Stephen von Worley explains:

Lately, Public Works must be mainlining their Wheaties, because, as part of the same Bernal Heights Street Improvement Project that yielded Prentiss, they had replaced the ugly asphalt ramp with a tilted concrete slab, and a very special one at that [Pictured above]

Carefully, I scaled the beast and measured it: a solid 30 feet of sustained 41% grade! On such a slope, gravity alone pulls a one-ton car downhill with 800 pounds of force, accelerating it from zero to sixty in 7.2 seconds. Whoa Nellie!

DataPointed is calling Bradford street, "the Most Tilted Paved Urban Thoroughfare in the World" (We, on the other hand, would rather just call a taxi), so congrats to Bradford Street on their elevation to the top of the record books!

And a hat tip to our friends at Bernalwood for pointing us to DataPointed's impeccable research, and their suggestion that Bernal Heights make a couple bucks off of their new superlative by churning out some thigh-blasting fitness videos.