Who's excited for barbecue season? In South San Francisco, one man was apparently a little too excited for a backyard grill session in his neighborhood last Sunday. While it's unclear if Pedro Garcia was actually invited to his neighbor's barbecue, it is clear that he made some "inappropriate sexual comments" to a fellow guest at the party and was asked to leave. Apparently unhappy about the invitation to vacate the premises, Garcia responded by lifting his shirt and showing off some rifle ammo he was just keeping tucked under there. Later, Garcia returned to the neighbor's carnivorous celebration brandishing a machete and threatening to kill the host.

Unable to do much damage with the big knife, Garcia ended up biting the victim on the back before cops arrived to place him in a patrol car. Still reluctant to leave the party, Garcia escaped - handcuffs and all - and attempted to make a break for freedom before he was finally tackled and taken to San Mateo County Jail. The only break he made successfully was his arm, which apparently snapped sometime during the struggle. Sounds like our man was having a little PCP cookout of his own before dropping in on the neighbors.