Local lady rapper Kreayshawn, who's profiled this week in the Guardian's Queer Issue and whose video "Gucci Gucci" is now a bonafide hit, spoke to New York Magazine this week to critique the latest offerings by stars Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney. Regarding the tights and leotard looks that Britney tried to work in her "Til the World Ends" video, Kreayshawn offered this brilliant musing: "Even when she shaves her head and does all this crazy shit — she's still not wrong, dammit. She's still not wrong. The leotard thing, it's either you can pull it off perfectly or it's like a complete fail. If you're in a music video rocking it, you pretty much have no choice but to pull it off. But personally, if I were going to a party, I would definitely put some goddamn pants on." In case you've been under a music/internet-free rock recently, watch "Gucci Gucci" below. [NY Mag]