In a move the reeks of anti-soda bigotry, Mayor Ed Lee's office slammed "sugary drinks" and other tasty beverages as part of his Soda Free Summer initiative. Hateful! In part of a press release, Lee preaches: ‎"San Francisco is fortunate to have pristine tap water from Hetch Hetchy that is among the cleanest and best tasting in the world. This summer, I encourage everyone to rethink choosing sugary drinks and rehydrate with clean, refreshing San Francisco Water."

You know what doesn't have sugar in it, Ed? Diet Coke. Ha! We love Diet Coke. Anyway.

Lee is right. Hetch Hetchy holds some of the cleanest and best tasting water in the world. His Soda Free Summer plan asks San Franciscans to choose healthier beverages, like "water, low-fat milk and 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices" over other more pleasing sweet drinks.