The Taxi Driver strike planned for this afternoon has a set schedule this morning. According to KTVU, the cabbies plan to rally around City Hall and Civic Center between the hours of Noon and 2 p.m. During that time, anyone in the immediate vicinity can forget about trying to enjoy their delicious Liba Falafel balls on the plaza in peace: some 400 to 500 people are expected to turn out, with a parade of cabs circling City Hall, honking their horns until the walls come crumbling down they get a chance to ask Chris Hayashi, SFMTA's deputy director for cab services, to resign from her post. Or until 2 p.m. when demand for cabs picks back up, whichever comes first.

According to SFMTA, the two-hour period is the slowest part of the day for taxis, but try telling that to someone with an important lunch meeting. Some cab drivers are planning to simply stop where ever they are in the city and organizers even reached out to the regulars at SFO to make sure they were aware of the stoppage.

On the other hand, at least one spokesperson from DeSoto Cab expects today go "just like any other day." And if you're truly in need of a ride, there's always Uber Cab, who are now being accused of strikebreaking for their clever use of modern technology.

Also of note: Joining the coalition of cabbies in their fight against credit card fees, in-car tracking systems and the lack of rate hikes are 20 or so Muni operators who presumably had the day off.