20-year-old Deshon Marman, a football player visiting from the University of New Mexico, was in custody at SFO this morning after refusing to pull up his sagging pants. According to KTVU, Marman was asked several times by customer service reps and flight attendants to pull up his pants while boarding his US Airways flight to Phoenix. US Airways, as readers may not be aware, has a dress code that forbids "indecent exposure or inappropriate attire", which airline employees felt his exposed underwear was violating.

When Marman refused to pull up his drawers, telling a flight attendant, "I paid for my ticket and I’m just going to do what I have to do," the captain placed him under citizen's arrest. Police officers were forced to unload all 150 passengers who were rightfully upset by the needless delay. SFPD Sgt. Michael Rodriguez told KTVU many passengers were left wondering why he didn't just pull his pants up.

Really, we already have a hard enough time blocking out the thoughts of dirty airline seats without having to watch our fellow passengers rub their CK underoos all over them. It's just common courtesy, really.