Former Doggie Diner in the Outer Sunset is set for demolition. Alas. [Ocean Beach Bulletin]

Breaking news: Mario Batali enjoys an occasional ice cube in his rosé. Vindication? We feel you. And naysayers? Bow down. Because there's noting breezier, nothing smooth-jazzier, and nothing Southern California afternoon-ier than plopping a searing cube of ice into a tepid glass of wine. Just a splash more with another cube, please? No, thank you. [Grub]

Right in the heart of the city's navel-gazing Mission district, Saison and noted chef Joshua Skenes plan on moving downtown within a year or so. "This isn't the right neighborhood for us anymore," Skenes explains to Grub. Probably because your average Mission dweller cannot afford Saison's prices. [Grub]

Michael Bauer's week brightens after enjoying mini-monkey bread at Nancy Oakes' Prospect. "The restaurant started opening for Sunday brunch a few months ago, and with such things as huevos rancheros and short rib hash with poached eggs and toasted epi, it should become a popular brunch destination," Bauer writes. "The monkey bread is delicious, gooey and warm. Each little pull apart roll vanishes in a couple of bites." [Inside Scoop]

Don't give in, Patricia Unterman! If you're just dandy with food trucks, then what's next? Imperial rolls from the back of a Cabriolet? Foie gras inside a porta-potty? Ice cream on a dirty sidewalk? Shudder. [Examiner]

PBR Beer sales are tanking. Fast. As the old saying goes, that's what you get for serving carbonated urine. [SF Weekly]

Watch Betty make a ginormous red velvet cake. Watch her as she also eschews rules about dry-wet ingredient mixing. Bold. [Betty's Kitchen]