Robert Jeffrey shared with the world this joyful lip-sync routine set to Madonna's triumphant "Vogue," which he performed in 1991 during a vacation with his parents. He was nine-years-old at the time. Jeffrey explains:

I performed to MADONNA's 'VOGUE' in the Summer of 1991 when my parents took me to Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. A business in the casino at the time gave tourists the chance to lip-synch to their favorite pop songs in front of a blue screen background, and I was lucky enough to partake that summer.

In honor of the twentieth anniversary of MADONNA's "TRUTH OR DARE" and in celebration of MADONNA's upcoming "W.E.", here is my nine year old self paying tribute to the woman who changed my life and continues to inspire me just as much today as twenty years ago.

At the risk of hyperbole, this is obviously the greatest video of all time. Happy Gay Pride month, everybody.

Video: Robert Jeffrey / Vimeo