Temporary Mayor Ed Lee is looking out for the concerns of San Francisco's budget-minded and politically-conscious shoppers. You'll remember that the city's excitement for house-brand hand soaps, Paul Frank bedding and one-off designer clothing lines quickly fizzled with the revelation that the Minnesota-based chain donated funds to an anti-Gay politician. As the Metreon remodel moves forward, making way for the big red bullseye, Ed Lee tells the Bay Area Report that he has requested a meeting with Target's top execs to discuss their political contributions.

As Lee explained to the BAR this week, "I introduced myself to [Target Spokeswoman Donna Egan] and asked to form a better relationship with Target so they understand San Francisco better, especially before the process starts with their larger store on Geary.”

The last time we tried to make a Minnesotan understand San Francisco better, we got stuck listening to Garrison Keillor for two hours, so good luck with that, Mayor Lee.

For what it's worth, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel did issue that apology while adjusting his company's policy on political donations. Based on reports from a recent Target Shareholder's meeting, Steinhafel is getting tired of fielding questions about his company's former support of a gay marriage opponent. After being grilled (again) on matter, Steinhafel asked the shareholders, "Does anybody have a question related to our business that’s not related to political giving? I’d love to hear a question related to something else.

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