After we questioned Leland Yee's voting record yesterday, the Yee for Mayor campaign reached out to us to provide some additional perspective on the story. Obviously, the BeyondChron story we linked to yesterday carries a bias (duh, it's a blog). So in the interest of fairness and balance, here's a list of the 10 most recent bills that the Sierra Club has made their priority, along with Yee's vote (or his current position) on each. Also, some grains of salt.

  • AB 376 Shark Preservation - The big kahuna, if you will: bans the sale of shark fin soup in California. Yee's team says he plans to support the ban, even though he was opposed to it a month ago.
  • AB 19: Water Conservation - This one's sponsored by the Sierra Club, but it hasn't reached the Senate yet. Yee plans to support it.
  • SB 790: Mark Leno's electric utility choice bill. Also sponsored by the Sierra Club. Yee voted yes on June 2nd.
  • SB 468: Transportation planning in Coastal Zones - requires that construction of transportation services does not "compromise the unique features of the coastal zone." Yee voted yes on June 1st.
  • SB 246: Helps eliminate fraud in Global Warming Offset programs. The bill died in committee, but Yee would have supported it.
  • SB 515: Battery Recycling - requires battery manufacturers to take responsibility for collecting and recycling them. Yee would have liked to support it, but it died in committee.
  • SB 580: Park Conservation - prohibits sale of state park land without getting some substitute land in return. Yee voted yes on June 1st.
  • AB 650: Transit Planning - would create a "Blue Ribbon Task Force for Public Transportation for the 21st Century" - sounds futuristic. Hasn't made it to the Senate yet though, but Yee plans to support it.
  • SB 241: Planning Loopholes - would have provided immunity from Calif. Environmental Quality Act violations for 125 projects in the state for the next 5 years. Died in Senate Environmental Committee.
  • AB 942 - Diverts fines and penalties for violation of air, water, toxics and pesticides standards to the general fund, which would possibly weaken enforcement of said standards. Hasn't hit the Senate yet, but Yee plans to oppose it.

By the numbers that's: One bill where Yee's position changed after public scrutiny. Three cases of good intentions for bills that never got a vote. Three bills he plans to support or oppose in the future according to Sierra Club recommendations. And three actual votes that would be considered environmentally friendly, but occurred only last week.

Enjoy the additional info, informed voters.