Guess what we stayed up all night doing? Come on, guess. Wrong. We watched hours of Betty's Kitchen, that's what. (Hat tip: Fauxjob.) We soaked up around, oh, say, 30+ episodes -- without irony's gaze, we might add, so save the Fluffernutter jokes for your uninspired white trash parties -- and found them delightful, informative. So much so, in fact, we here at SFist Digests will feature one a day for your viewing pleasure. (Bible-belt cuisine is all the rage! You heard it here first.) Today's offering: Betty's Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe.

Another day, another attempt at turing the old Mecca spot into a successful dining venture. After the unfortunately-named Pudong came and went in a blink, Gingerfruit opens in its place today. Billed as an Asian fusion tapas joint, the new restaurant "is trying to pull the bar crowd," in addition to hungry diners. This is a good thing since the place is massive and dining at tables is dead. (It's all about eating at the bar! You heard it here first.) [Inside Scoop]

La Oaxaquena's grasshopper tacos, expertly reviewed here by Renée Grelecki, are on the city's health department radar. Why? Because owner Harry Persaud doesn't use FDA-approved sources for his bugs, "which he's been importing from Mexico thus far." So, no grasshopper tacos, weirdo diners. (Roly-poly tacos will be all the rage! You heard it here first.) [Grub]

Sara Deseran says: "There's something to be said for having your Belgian waffle being cooked up by a guy named Benoit Tordeur who's wearing a bow tie, pressed linen apron, pocket square and a pink button down to match the juicy strawberries he's ladling on top of his waffles which are sitting next to a dollop of creme fraiche." (Which is to say: homosexual waffles are all the rage! You heard it here first.) [7x7]

111 Minna Gallery will turn into an Italian food joint, Da Bettina, notes Tablehopper. But only during the daytime. It'll revert to a gallery at night. (Afternoon Italian binging at downtown art galleries will be all the rage! You heard it here first.) [Tablehopper]