Buster Posey's collision with Marlins rookie Scott Cousins still has fans and teammaktes alike livid. And rightfully so. The crash yanked the noted Rookie of the Year out for the rest of the season. Posey has since refused to return any of Cousins' apologetic phone calls. Which is understandable. He's hurt. We're hurt. Heavens' angels are hurt. Anyone with a heart is hurt. While incidents like Cousins' aren't unusual in baseball, it was aggressive and unnecessary. We get this. However, on yesterday's KNBR show with Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert, Giants General Manager had some equally aggressive words for Cousins.

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News reports:

“Why not be hard nosed?” Sabean said. “If I never hear from Cousins again or he never plays another game in the big leagues, I think we’ll all be happy.”

Asked later in the interview if perhaps those words were too harsh, Sabean didn’t back down. In fact, he left little doubt that the Giants are bent on getting some on-field vengeance.

“Well, no,” Sabean said. “He chose to be a hero in my mind, and if that’s his flash of fame, that’s as good as it’s going to get, pal. We’ll have a long memory. Believe me, we’ve talked to (former catcher Mike) Matheny about how this game works. You can’t be that out-and-out overly aggressive. I’ll put it as politically as I can state it: There’s no love lost and there shouldn’t be.”

While we feel Sabean's pain, we cannot imagine that threatening another player with on-field violence is the best solution here. We think Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles sums up yesterday's radio brouhaha seamlessly, saying:

Hey, Sabean: shut up. You're embarrassing me.