When we caught wind that this weekend's Union Street Eco-Urban Festival would be going dry for the first time (and without rock and roll, oddly enough), we predicted the Marina and Cow Hollow drinking class citizens would put down their jäger bombs for just long enough to organize some house parties in the vicinity. Almost as if on cue the following invite, complete with attached images of beer guzzling and table dancing, landed in our inbox this morning:

From the Facebook event page:

UNION STREET FAIR has "no booze" and no "rock n roll" (lol) in the beer gardens this year? Big deal. The bars will be slammed and people will be having fun all over the place. Join us for our 4th Annual "after-party" soiree beginning at 5pm where it all started three years ago, The Republic (formerly JONES). We will be dancing it up in there like Kevin Bacon in "Foot Loose."

Please arrive early for ease of entry. We will have DJ's rockin all night long, and the kitchen will be open for the hungry! For table reservations contact (very limited)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
-- p.s. -- Mimosa infused Brunching on Sunday at the Brick Yard celebrating their 1-year anniversary!!

Look out, teetotalers! Invoking Kevin Bacon, lets you know they're serious. And not that there's anything wrong with beer guzzling, table dancing, or "Mimosa infused Brunching", of course. We just didn't expect them to be so brash.