Beloved Giants catcher Buster Posey is hurt. Hurt bad. Which is also bad for the Giants. Real bad. After last night's game against the Marlins went into extra innings, Posey collided with Scott Cousins and took an unfortunate tumble. The Chronicle reports: "Posey incurred what looks like a serious injury to his left ankle. After the game, he went for X-rays. Results were not immediately available." Which: gulp.

McCovey Chronicles, who always sums up things best, had this to say: "And I know that statistically, a player contributes to so many wins over the course of a season, and it’s really, really hard for one player’s absence to completely prevent a division title. Don’t care. We watched Buster Posey claw at dirt as if his legs were on fire. It was horrific beyond words."

Get well soon, Buster. Yes, that seems so twee, so trite to say, but... there you have it. Get well.

Oh, the Giants lost too. Yeah.

UPDATE: According to MSNBC (and a helpful commenter), Buster Posey suffered a broken leg and torn ligaments. Brandon Belt has been called up.