As Mission Mission already pointed out, The Chronicle's front page photo today seems -- how can we put this bluntly? -- sexually charged. To say the least. While the shot without the canine would've been erotic as-is, the addition of a voyeuristic pooch (not to mention the model's tight body, open mouth and hand placements) bring the entire thing to another level. Too bad, really. The accompanying article, about sunscreens lack of UVA ray protection, is a crucial one.

Further, we can't imagine the same photo passing through Chon's editorial filter if the subject had been a woman posing in the exact the same manner.

SFGate commenters, never one for mincing words, have also chimed in accordingly. Sammalone asked "What is that guy using his sunscreen for?" While yankeeboyjp noted, "Hmmm, that man and dog photo seems a bit perverse in that pose." Summing things up nicely, shanghaijim added," I am adding a comment regarding the photo and jokes about masturbation and zoophilia. thank you."