Hark, a trailer for Sean Penn's new aging goth movie with the 80s new wave title: This Must Be the Place, in which Sean Penn plays the embarrassingly named retired rock star Cheyenne, who must go in search of the man who killed his father. It looks... sad? hilarious? Hopefully both, because that's more or less how the goth life looks to the outside observer. Which brings us to our next point: everyone in San Francisco has a Sean Penn story:

A couple years ago a haggard and hardly recognizable Penn stumbled in to Madrone on Divisadero with a light entourage, upsetting the pristine near-emptiness of the place where your editor was in the process of enjoying several glasses of whiskey. At one point Sean Penn disappeared in to the bathroom for 45 minutes. He must have gotten food poisoning from his dinner at Nopa or something, because he practically kicked the door down when he came out looking all bleary-eyed and blowing his nose a lot.

OK, now you go! What's your Sean Penn Story?