Thanks to the SFPD, the Marina and Cow Hollow will have one less opportunity to get shitfaced together in the out-of-doors. The Union Street Festival, billed -- laughably -- as an "arts and crafts fair" for its 35 years, will be booze-free for the first time this year. That means no beer gardens, and cops will be out in force issuing open-container tickets and keeping tabs on whatever house parties spring up along Union.

The organizers agreed to the change this year in order to prove to the SFPD, apparently, that the problem in years past with all the drunkenness has had less to do with the beer gardens and the "rock and roll music" as it has with the house parties, which are clearly going to happen anyway. So, every dude who stumbles out of a house party with a cup in his hand is going to get a ticket, and feel sad, and then maybe they'll bring back the beer gardens next year and shut down the house parties? Anyway, the Marina kids like to drink, so we don't see this resolving itself easily.

Anyway, this year's theme is eco-friendly crafts! Yay!