Paco, a wee little dog who miraculously survived the three-alarm fire at the Park Hotel on Wednesday by hiding in a third-floor closet, was reunited with his owner yesterday. Rolando Walker, 47, went to San Francisco Animal Care and Control where Paco was being treated for some minor "smoke irritation."

Walker had tried to save the dog, but was forced to leave him as firefighters came to pull Walker past the flames and Paco ran under a bed. Walker's friend Chris Usselman tells the Chron, "We thought, 'Say goodbye to the dog.' It's fabulous. It's a little miracle dog. We just assumed he was dead."

In total, 75 people were displaced by the fire, and six people were injured, including two firefighters.

We also now hear a rumor that the fire started when someone tried to pour bourbon on a barbecue, but there's been no confirmation of that.