The last time we heard about BART teaming up with local libraries to dispense reading material through vending machines was three years ago. Back then, the world was an entirely different place. George W. Bush was still president, iPhones didn't have apps for anything, and Justin Bieber's YouTube channel only had like a dozen views. Now it's 2011, Osama bin Laden is dead, your grandmother is downloading eBooks on her 3G Kindle, and Millbrae is still that place you end up when you accidentally take the wrong train out of SFO. But as of today, should you find yourself there without something to read, the Examiner reports that you can check out books from a crisp new Library-a-Go-Go machine. (Sidenote: Really? We're still calling them that?) All you need is a library card from the Peninsula. A much smarter move would be to put one in SFO so we could pick up trashy novels on our way to Cabo, but nobody consulted us on it. Their loss! [SFEx] by way of [CurbedSF]