Have all the nearby homeless come by your local newsbox and swiped all the copies of the free weeklies in order to make pillow-stuffing? No matter. Everything's online these days, and we've scanned through it all to bring you the salient, and less sleep-inducing bits.

SF Weekly

We begin with Lauren Smiley's telling of the rather complicated story of a trial, going on now, of seven alleged members of the MS-13 gang, at least one of whom claims he was an FBI informant and is being tried for crimes that he was informing about. One of the defendents, known as Bad Boy, is implicated in a number of crimes committed while he was supposedly being a snitch, and defense attorneys are using all this to try to get their clients off.

Matt Smith hangs with some local birders, and discusses how S.F. is "the heartland of a growing urban ecology movement that promises to become environmentalism's next wave." It's nature, but it's right here. How nice.

Music: A review of the new TV on the Radio album, Nine Types of Light.

Jonathan Kauffman visits second-wave pop-up restaurants EAT (Fridays the Corner) and Vinyl (a wine bar at Cafe Divis with a Sunday pasta supper thing) and finds that while the food is solid and occasionally stellar, the service sometimes sucks (it's a pop-up!), and the insider-y, communal vibe is still the big draw.''

There's this new anthology? Called "New California Writing"? And apparently it's kind of good.