We still won't see Temporary Mayor Ed Lee in the People's Chambers again until next week, but with a couple of public hearings and a tricky NIMBY issue that's almost guaranteed to raise a few voices from the public comment section there should be plenty to watch out for in tomorrows Board of Supervisors meeting. Here's what we're keeping our eyes on:

Item 2: Temporary Good Samaritan Occupancy - Everybody loved Supervisor Wiener's no-brainer ordinance last week, it passed 11 to nil on first reading. Expect this one to breeze right through to final passage with same vote tomorrow. Shenanigans alert: Look out for David Chiu to chime in with this morning's North Beach fire as "even more reason to get this passed" or something to that effect.

Item 3: Resolution opposing GGNRA's Off-Leash Policy - Another winner for Wiener. We're normally turned off by resolutions, but this one seems to have some teeth (if you will) and could have a real impact on the GGNRA's policy.

Item 5: Declaring Illegal Dumping a Nuisance, Providing a Mechanism for Abating and Enforcing that Nuisance - Supervisor Cohen is finally doing something about all that illegal dumping in the Bayview and Hunter's Point. Now's your moment, Malia! Sieze the day! Bonus points will be given for sympathy-inducing powerpoint presentations that include seagulls stuck in can rings.

Items 7 and 8: Public Hearing for Arelious Walker Drive Stairway - This has nothing to do with the $1.1 million in federal funds already approved for use improving the stairway in Hunter's Point. Instead we're looking at whether another $61.5k of redevelopment funds will be put towards managing the project.

Items 9 and 10: Redevelopment Improvements for the Bayview Opera House and Plaza - Another big one for Supervisor Cohen that we've been watching for awhile - these items would approve $400,000 from redevelopment and $785,000 from MTA for Bayview Opera house improvements.

Items 11-13: 4p.m. Special Order to Determine whether AT&T's Network Upgrades should be Exempt from Environmental Review - Slow down, foil-hatters, this one's about wired infrastructure for AT&T TV and Broadband service - most importantly, it's about the big communications cabinets they have to put out around the city to build that infrastructure. If it goes to public hearing, expect plenty of complaints about the unsightly metal boxes and how they're magnets for street art graffiti. On the other hand, allowing AT&T to go ahead with their improvements gives you another opportunity to ditch your Comcast TV service. (Streetsblog has more on this.)

Item 15: Appointing David Campos to the MTC - You'll remember this kerfuffle over MTC seats could have ended badly, but the Board will be appointing Campos and Wiener will get his MTC seat from Mayor Lee. Let's hug it out.

Item 17: Waiver of Certain Temporary Street Space Occupancy Fees - Supervisor Avalos wants to have a sidewalk sale!

Item 18: Resolution supporting the creation of Health Information Exchange - David Chiu thinks your health records should be more centrally located. (Also, your Doctor's handwriting is terrible.)

Item 19: Jefferson Street Redesign - Another one that President Chiu introduced last week. The resolution would accept $65,000 from the Association of Bay Area Governments to improve Jefferson Street from Powell to Hyde to prep from the America's Cup.

The full board agenda is available here and the meeting thing kicks off at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. For those of you who like to follow along from home, you can stream it live on SFGovTV.org.