Mid-Market chronicler Bluoz makes a habit of showcasing local drug addicts in the area via his Crackhead of the Day feature. Today's selection was found on back door of the very new Marinello's School of Beauty. Bluoz fumes: "Just in case anybody thought bringing new business to mid Market will change anything. This IS on the rear doorstep of a brand new business in Mid Market, opened just 2 months ago at 1035 Market, Marinello's School of Beauty. They spent a ton of money to build floor to ceiling windows facing Stevenson. Now they have permanent shades on the windows so they can't see out anymore, so they can't see this just inches away from them you know, cause as long as people don't actually see it, it doesn't exist, right?"

Watch video here.

In related news, if you think mid-Market blight is something new, allow Herb Caen to shed some clarifying light.