Word is out that Lieutenant Governor, former Mayor and adept twitter abbreviator Gavin Newsom just signed a deal with Penguin Books to pen a book about "the intersection of social media and government." Naturally, Gavin broke the news on his twitter account:

Excited to announce I’ve been working on a book about the social media revolution and gov. The deal’s signed and the ink’s dry!Fri Apr 22 00:03:49 via web

From the wording of Penguin's press release, one would think Gavin wrote that as well - quoth the Examiner: "This solution-driven book suggests that we are at the dawn of a revolutionary change in the way government and the people interact." Sounds... interesting? The book is expected to come out in 2013, when everything in it will already be out of date and Gavin will most likely be making a play for Governor.

Loosely related: When asked why he doesn't participate in the tweeting frenzy among government officials, D5 supervisor Ross Mirkarimi explained "Who wants to be glib? Leave that to Gavin."