We're going through the papers real quick-like this week, because we're just not feeling all that newsy and [insert requisite joke about ink-y print media here].

SF Weekly

Matt Smith pens a thing about how news media is suffering, and this guy who founded 7x7 is going to analyze in just what ways local news reporting has suffered as traditional print mags and papers struggle to stay afloat. And what about how news gathering ethics are suffering!? Anyway. Yeah.

And ever wonder why San Francisco's broke? Refer back to something you, the voters (assuming all you slackers vote) approved three years ago called the DROP program, pimped by the SFPD and Police Officers' Association as a way of keeping older cops on the force and not retiring with 90% pensions at age 55: Pay them double! Basically a bunch of older cops are collecting salaries and getting paid pensions at the same time. Refer to the handy chart below, and wonder why you can't be making $400,000 or more.


Food: Jonathan Kauffman loves himself some Korean chicken wings.

Music: Did you know the third Saturday in April was Record Store Day? Put away your laptop and go buy some actual music.