Last week's Board meeting was the most boring we've had with the new class (which says a lot, because: duh, most of them are boring), but this week's meeting has a few items that could see sparks flying in the People's Chambers. Or at least get those axes grinding in anticipation of larger battles down the road. So, with further ado, here's our handy list of today's agenda items that we'll be keeping an eye on:

(Remember, the fun kicks off at 2 p.m. and you can always follow along live at or grab the whole agenda here [PDF warning] if you like legalese.)

Item 1. Appointing Carter Rohan to Transbay Joint Powers Authority. This will surely pass, but we're including it because Rohan will serve as Nat Ford's alternate on the Transbay JPA, and as you know: Nat Ford is never around.

Item 12. Resolution Opposing Elimination of Adult Day Health Center Programs. Resolutions are lame, but look how many members of the board got their names on this one: Kim, Avalos, Mar, Campos, Mirkarimi, and Chiu. The other Chu, who is rising in the Power Rankings, was the lone dissenter in committee.

Item 16. Accepting a $251,000 grant for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment. Because Temporary Mayor Ed Lee would like an even smaller, and greener vehicle than that Ford Fusion Hybrid he's been driving around in. The city will get 47 places to plug in electric cars, along with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Item 20. Requires active ground-floor commercial uses in the Lower Fillmore. Mirkarimi's previously mentioned play liven up the Fillmore between Bush and McAllister.

Item 21. Yellow Pages Distribution Pilot Program. Call it a "pilot program" all you want, President Chiu, just get those ugly, soggy phone books off our front stoops.

Item 26. Appeal of Final Environmental Impact Report on the Parkmerced Project. Some people want to rebuild Parkmerced, other people want to save Parkmerced because it's beautiful and pretty and sustainable as it is. If the site is any indication, the public comment on this one should eb fairly spirited.

Item 33. Protection of Safely Produced and Well Managed Youth Events. Sure, it's another resolution, but can't we all resolve to let the kids have fun in a safe environment?