Have you heard about the Real Life Superhero Movement? It's exactly what you think it is: normal people dress up as superheroes and head out in to the dark and dangerous streets of their respective cities to rid them of crime or help the elderly cross the street or whatever. San Francisco is a little late to the game (or maybe we just didn't notice because there are plenty of people dressed in latex bodysuits as it is), but over on the Bold Italic mild-mannered Justin Juul assumes the role of "Nightman" to tag along a mysterious (kind of) do-gooder named Motor Mouth and his crew.

Apparently the whole thing was inspired by the movie Kick-Ass in which teens wear their underwear on the outside, so that puts these guys somewhere between live action role-players and the Guardian Angels, we guess. Anyway, best to read the whole thing on the Bold Italic where they can properly do the story justice with some slick illustrations.