Oh snap. This morning at AT&T's 739 Folsom office, Phonebook Free SF delivered thousands of unwanted phonebooks to the company's doorstep. See, San Francisco Supervisors and environmental groups are trying to make San Francisco "the first city in the nation to stop unwanted phone book distribution." Even though legislation says that anyone who wants a phonebook can still get one, "corporate interests are mounting a fear campaign and spending big money to kill this legislation."

Last week, if you recall, 200 or so allegedly concerned citizens (according to PhonebookFree SF, corporate lobbyists bussed in hundreds of out-of-towners) gathered in front of City Hall to protest David Chiu's anti-phonebook legislation.

Today's phonebook drop is a direct response.

According to Phonebook Free SF, "1.6 million unsolicited Yellow Pages Phone Books are distributed to San Francisco homes and businesses every year in a city with 800K people. That's two phone books for every man, woman and child." Chiu wants to make San Francisco the first U.S. city to "prohibit Yellow Pages from being distributed to people who don't want them."

Photographer Troy Holden snapped a pic of the phone book pileup this morning.