Our interest in the Board of Supervisors weekly meetings has been waning ever-so-slightly every week since the class of 2011 took their place in the People's Chambers. So, in order to bring a little more excitement back in to our city's politics, here's our completely unbiased recap of last night's meeting, along with a scorecard and not-at-all-subjective Board of Supervisors Weekly Power Ranking:

If we thought last week's meeting was a bore, then this week's meeting was positively comatose. For starters, Avalos was absent from the meeting completely, but excused by the board. Meanwhile, the perpetually tardy Jane Kim found a way to be late to the meeting not once, but twice (twice!) by taking her sweet time after a lengthy private session. We hate to seem pedantic because we're sure Ms. Kim has other important business matters to attend to that could be reasonable excuses, but really? Twice in one meeting? We would deduct two points for the repeat offense, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she's working on something big that isn't a tax break for Twitter. -1 for Jane Kim.

Carmen Chu was also late to roll call, but we actually heard her speak up to clarify a question from David Campos on Item 9 (a memorandum of understanding about the America's Cup), and again to speak to Item 11 (regarding the market rate of bonds for the Seismic Safety Loan Program) - neither item is particularly glamorous, but we like that Chu is willing to speak to them succinctly. Likewise, during roll call for introductions, she requested various city departments hold hearings with the board in the months before the city budget is put before them. Again: not a very high-profile introduction, but stepping in to avoid a budget mess down the road is such a no-brainer that the board would probably neglect to do it at all. So, it evens out to +1 for Carmen Chu.

Since there really wasn't any other supe-on-supe interaction (that we could see at least, the private session lasted over an hour) there isn't really a whole lot to base the rest of our rankings on, so pardon us if some of these seem a little superficial:

David Chiu had some very firm bangs of the gavel and kept the meeting from slipping into a complete vegetative state. So it's +1 for David Chiu

Malia Cohen sounded a little shaky during her introduction of an In Memorandum and it's always cringe-inducing to watch someone struggle for words on public television, but the freshman supervisor is new to the game so she gets a pass this round. Zero points for Malia Cohen.

Ross Mirkarimi is throwing a Persian New Year party on March 31st in the City Hall Rotunda and he wants everyone to know it's going to be incredibly crowded. We have little tolerance for crowds, but we do enjoy any excuse to revel in the splendor of City Hall's magnificent dome. +1 to Ross Mirkarimi for party planning, but we'll be keeping an eye on how he serves his tortilla chips.

Scott Wiener remembered Peter Nardoza who passed away last week and introduced a resolution to explore more safe nightlife opportunities for youth. You'll remember there was a big kerfuffle about The War on Fun awhile back and there was crackdown on All Ages clubs and 18+ venues. You probably won't ever find us in an all-ages club, but we like that the young supervisor is following up it. +1 for Scott Wiener.

Did Mark Farrell speak this week? We find it hard to believe that there was not a single white person problem to be dealt with in Pac Heights, but without anything negative to say, it's an even Zero points for Mark Farrell.

Other white supe, Sean Elsbernd recused himself from the proceedings for the only discussion item of the day because some of the property on Item 14 (an exemption from environmental review at Los Palmos drive) was adjacent to property he owns. Several people pointed out that his recusal might have been unnecessary, but since he could tune out the discussion he was free to play Angry Birds on his phone or whatever:


At least he recused himself first? Zero points for Sean Elsbored.

David Campos asked a few questions, but little life in him otherwise. Zero points.

Eric Mar was nowhere to be found. Maybe he was asleep. Zero points.

While we regret that so many supervisors had zero change this week, it's good to see David Chiu digging himself out from a 2 point deficit. He's now tied for the bottom rung with Jane Kim whose slippery descent in to complete truancy is starting to look problematic.

Final Ranking: (this week's points in parenthesis)
4 Scott Wiener (+1)
2 David Campos (No change)
2 Mark Farrell (No change)
2 Ross Mirkarimi (+1)
2 Carmen Chu (+1)
1 John Avalos (No change)
1 Sean Elsbernd (No change)
0 Malia Cohen (No change)
-1 Jane Kim (-1)
-1 Eric Mar (No change)
-1 David Chiu (+1)
TARDY: Jane Kim, Carmen Chu. ABSENT: John Avalos (excused)