Nowhere in his scribblings and keyboard poundings (or, more likely: dictations) this week did Willie Brown mention Supervisor Sean Elsbernd's lavish CrabFest that irked him the other day. That's kind of disappointing because we would have liked to hear how blue collar crab compared to his favorite crab louis salad from McCall's (more on that in a second). We'll let it slide though, because he more than makes up for that oversight by describing his breakfast at Hotel Vitale with his new favorite supervisor: Jane Kim.

Kim, who is actually the lead photo on this week's Willie's World column, has something in common with Da Mayor, it seems: Chris Daly isn't pleased with either of them. Observe their light breakfast conversation:

She says: "What do you think of Chris Daly?"
"Well," [Willie says], "he doesn't like me. Tell me, what do you think of him?"
"He thinks I'm the worst progressive to come along in a long time."
"Where did you hear it?"
"At his bar."
"What are you doing at his bar?"
"I always go directly to where people are criticizing me."

That might explain why she was also spotted recently outside a Divisadero dive bar near the SFist Western Branch Office.