Another blow for public education unfurled in the East Bay last night. The Oakland School Board approved 500 layoffs notices for Oakland teachers. Said notices will go to 231 elementary school teachers, 41 English teachers, 45 social science teachers, 28 sixth-grade teachers, 25 P.E. teachers, 13 social workers, and the entire adult education staff.

Pink slips will go out on March 15.

"Gov. Jerry Brown's January budget proposal largely protected K-12 education from further cuts, but it hinges on a $12 billion tax extension and another $12 billion in reductions to other state programs and services," reports the Mercury News. "The Oakland school district is preparing to cut about $12 million from its budget."

Hopefully, a special election - one that might allow voters to save "K-12 schools, universities, public safety, transportation, business programs, health care, and a whole host of other services" - will happen in June. To find out more about saving California's public school system, please visit Let the People Vote.

Below: S.F. City Attorney Dennis Herrera explains why he thinks a June election is so crucial to saving California.