We refuse to believe that the fine folks at Twitter have never heard of Patti LuPone, who, among many other indefatigable accomplishments, was Corky's mom and the first American Evita Peron However, Leah Garchik has word that, after getting word that someone was impersonating the stage legend on the popular social media site, LuPone herself visited Twitter's SoMa headquarters to have the online rapscallion account banned. When the receptionist didn't know who LuPone was, things got ugly. Very ugly.

In the Twitter receptionist's defense, most people outside NYC, LA, or happy hour at Martuni's would know LuPone by name or face.

Read the entire thing at SFGate.

Speaking of an angry LuPone, here's a now famous clip of LuPone stopping the show to kick out audience members who dared snap shots of her during Gypsy. Listen to it, cringe, and thank the Lord above she's not yelling at you.