Update (3/21/11): The conflict has been resolved!

Everyone's favorite columnist, Andy Rooney C.W. Nevius, came out with an article this morning about Little Bird Coffeehouse's ongoing fight to obtain a new permit allowing outside seating on the sidewalk.

The one guy who is single-handedly responsible for blocking the permit has caused a lot of grief for area residents through the years. He was somehow able to gate off the alley where he lives off of Post Street near Hyde, which is a public street, and he reportedly blocks the creation of any new murals in the neighborhood, among other things.

We have to wonder if this is also the guy who killed the outdoor happy hour up the street at Cup-A-Joe.

SFist mentioned a while back that we're a regular customer at Little Bird, and we just started working there a few hours per week. (Come on in and say hi some time!)

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