The Chronicle dug in to a 23-page report from the Fair Political Practices Commission that discloses roughly how much money in stocks and holdings our government officials have and shocker: Gavin Newsom is loaded. Jerry Brown, on the other hand, not so much. But enumerating Governor Brown and Lite Gov Gavin's financial holdings is pretty mundane. More exciting than learning Anne Gust Brown owns up to $1 million stock in Jack in the Box is diving in to the part where they have to disclose all the gifts they received from foreign dignitaries and such.

Newsom, much loved apparently, was showered with gifts last year: the most expensive being a nine thousand dollar trip to Shanghai for a "friendship mission". Also on his list of disclosures: a $250 pair of bear cufflinks from Tiffany's, a $400 Louis Vuitton pen, $350 for a courtside seat at a Warriors game and some very nice $260 seats at Cirque du Soleil. Poor Jerry Brown though, his only gift: "a $100 dinner from the Law Enforcement Association in Sacramento." Consequently, that's the same amount that Newsom gave in wine alone to the Arnold Schwarzenegger before he left Sacramento.