Speaking of Traci Des Jardins, she will be hosting Eye On The Bay's Liam Mayclem tonight for their monthly guest-bartender series. The Brit turned San Franciscan will be making cocktails from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. (Your editor did it last year, too. We had a drunken blast. We don't remember how we got home that night, but a good time was had by all.) Come on by to say hello to Liam and to try the Pegu Club Cocktail drink (described as "an old Brit classic) that he'll make for your thirsty liver.

What's more, Tracis Des Jardins will also be in attendance, just in case you want to see Top Chef Masters newest contestant in action.

Jardinière: 300 Grove (at Franklin), 415-861-5555