While we're on the subject of mayorship, District 8 Supervisor Scott Weiner officially endorsed City Attorney Dennis Herrera today. "I’ve seen firsthand that Dennis has the leadership style we need in our next mayor," said Wiener in a written statement. "Dennis shut down the dirty Potrero power plant, instituted gang injunctions to keep our streets safe, and led the legal battle for marriage equality. We need a strong mayor who will work with the Board of Supervisors to get our city working. That’s why I’m proud to support Dennis Herrera for mayor."

Herrera is also against crackpipes. So there's that.

Does this mean progressives (whatever that term really means) are out this election season? Probably. Or not. But most likely, yes. As Greg Dewar of N Judah Chronicles pointed out in the comments today: "The progressives are a non-factor in this year's elections. No candidate, no organization, etc. They'll get played as they always do." Yikes.