Founders Den, a "private clubhouse" (see: workspace) for entrepreneurs in SoMa founded by Marissa Mayer's husband, has a new resident, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

TechCrunch coos:

Yes, the Lieutenant Governor of California (and former San Francisco Mayor) has decided to forgo space in the stodgy old government buildings in the city and instead will call the Founders Den his home when he’s working out of the city (where he still lives).

This is both a refreshing move by the Lieutenant Governor and a huge get for the Founders Den, obviously. Why is Newsom doing it? “To bring innovation back to our state government,” as he puts it. “Founders Den provides the kind of collaborative and creative atmosphere to foster new ideas not only for emerging new businesses, but government as well,” he notes.

Coincidentally, Newsom's now also SFist's newest neighbor. Delightful. Will we run into him at Happy Donut? (Get the glazed, dude!) Will we spot him playing on the swing set in South Park after a bottomless-mimosa brunch? (Ahem.) Will we catch him inside the unsatisfying Lava Lounge? (Probably!) Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood, Gavin.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler had the chance to interview the former mayor today regarding his new office space. Watch their encounter below.