As if we needed the folks in Oxford to lend some legitimacy to the term for "a gesture with hands waved to express excitement", they've gone ahead and added that definition and [cough] a buttload of other new terms to their English dictionary. (Yes, "buttload" is one of them, that's what we're getting at there.)

We've barely gotten over the addition of ginormous and they have to go and wave some more annoying and unnecessary contractions in our faces. These other new additions to the OED include: "tanorexia" (OK, fine), "fnarr fnarr" (what?), and "sexting" (which you ought to be familiar with by now). Also: "bloggable" - which was presumably included in an attempt to be... well, you know.

Not all the new words are terrible though - we also get "trolleyed", which is a fun new term for "extremely drunk." Although we haven't figured out if it's pronounced "troll-eyed" or "trolley-ed" yet. Both could work, kinda.

[] by way of [Gawker]