CBS 5 anchorwoman Dana King is one of the highest paid talking heads in the Bay Area, and with good reason. She's a great reporter, has a warm yet no-nonsense presence, and looks gorgeous on camera. But. Who knew she was also a budding artist? We found these photos on the Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist's Facebook fan page.

She writes, "mold making as promised!! once this part is finished...plaster will be applied to make a hard casing to maintain the structure and integrity of the rubber mold. then i can pour plaster, concrete or resin duplicates. i am ultimately planning on pouring bronze but that will require the services of a foundry...and lots of money:-) "

King is currently studying for her Master's Degree in Fine Art at San Francisco's Academy of Art University.

Also, yes, this is technically not a penis sculpture, but a torso piece featuring a penis and fine-looking ass. But still, it's got a thingy on it. Chortle. We hope to see more Kingian work in the very near future.