If you come across a prosthetic leg featuring an Oakland Raiders design somewhere on the black market, it belongs to Oakland resident Darryl Turner. Turner filed a police report and wrote to KTVU with his story in hopes that the leg can be recovered. He said he briefly left the leg in his gated front yard on the afternoon of Saturday, February 12, before taking a quick ride around the block on a four-wheeler he'd been repairing. The leg has little resale value and was custom fit for Turner, so it won't do the thief much good.

Turner, who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1985, had just received the new leg in December and is currently wearing his old one. The old one doesn't fit correctly anymore, causing him a lot of pain. His left arm is also paralyzed, which means he can't use crutches. His insurance company unfortunately only covers a new limb every three years.

Contact the Oakland Police Department at (510) 777-3333 with any tips regarding Turner's leg. We wish him lots of luck.