by Erick Pressman

When you have a fest as vast as Noise Pop, inevitably, even those with trained eyes may miss a killer show when getting their preview for a blog together. Lucky for all of you readers, we got the info at the eleventh hour and are hitting you with a last minute, super-sweet, Happy Hour show recommendation featuring three of the Bay Area’s most intriguing punk-tinged indie rock bands. Judgment Day, Street Eaters, and Bam!Bam! are invading the Fifty24SF Gallery at 218 Fillmore, in Lower Haight.

In addition to the show, Amoeba Records is turning the gallery into a place where you can shop for Noise Pop artists, Noise Pop merch, ticket sales, and a general information site (for all of you weekend warriors who haven’t gotten on the ball and picked up your festival stuff), but when the evening hours hit, it gets handed over to bands for the purposes of rocking, and Thursday’s bands are especially good.

Thursday’s headliners are are Judgment Day, a band who spent the last eight years crafting loud and abrasive metal, and then decided to trade the traditional rock instruments for violin, cello, and assorted paint buckets as percussion. While the traditional instruments of metal may be gone, the ferocity and intensity of metal is not, thus creating a show and sound unlike anything you’ve seen before. The band has been making all sorts of waves around town over the last couple of weeks, so get to this free show before they make the inevitable leap to glory and infamy.