Back in September, rumors went around that Nat Ford had a pretty good chance of landing a top position with the the DC Metro - of course, that didn't amount to anything. Nat Ford is still here, we still have plenty of complaints about the transit agency and there is a finite number of times we can describe Muni as "beleaguered" before we start to feel like we need a new thesaurus.

So it's not really any surprise then, that new rumors about the Muni Chief's possible departure for the East Coast are popping up again. This time, it's the top spot at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority that's up for grabs. A pretty big change from either Washington Metro proper or Muni, the MWAA handles operations at Dulles International and Reagan National Airport as well as the Dulles Toll Road and the forthcoming rail extension that would connect IAD to the rest of DC's Metro rail system. If you're already thinking about all the things Muni vehicles have crashed in to lately and pretending those were airplanes, then you're not alone.