Mission Mission brings our attention to a group of Mission locals who plan on brining seminal '90s flick Clueless, a brilliant Beverly Hills version of Jane Austin's Emma, to the stage. This could very well be the greatest thing hit the floorboards, ever. Appropriately enough, it's called As If!. The show's creators describe the project thusly:

AS IF: Like, a Performance, Duh!" is a play in four acts, taking inspiration from the film Clueless while constructing a new space for it to thrive in. We plan to create an all-encompassing environment that moves the audience not just through the story but through the experience of adolescence: re-living the excitement and fear of walking down the school hallways, going to the parties, figuring out who we were and who we wanted to be, and like, picking out what to wear in the morning!

They have six shows scheduled so far - April 8, 9, 10,15, 16, 17 - which will premier at Engine Works, 190 Capp.

The As Is! Kickstarter page has more details, a donation option (psst, help them out with a donation, please?), and more. And, for all that is good and decent in the world, please 'like' them on Facebook.