In the sequel to yesterday's piece in which Brendan Francis Newnam attempted to spark some hetero manlove mischief with a blueberry vegan donut, the CNN correspondant returns with the second half of his less-than-bawdy "Mancation" adventure in our fair city.

After the previous disaster at the Ferry Building, the poor guy tried to rally his friends by steering their admittedly lame Mt. Tam hike towards the Pelican Inn where surely a couple pints of beer and Shepherd's Pie would get his crew prepped for a big afternoon of barhopping in the Mission. Unfortunately, Newnam's pals seemed to be the only people in the greater Bay Area who couldn't summon the energy to do some irresponsible daytime drinking on an "obscene" 70-and-sunny day in February. They settled on a lunch of Arnold Palmers, salads and a cheese plate - menu options some might describe as downright girly. (No offense, ladies, we love the occasional salad.)