Today, a reporter from the Western Nevada County Union (where ever that is) uncovered a quirky, self-published photobook from way back in 1992 titled, 1-800-Call-Jerry - A Hilarious Inside Look at Jerry Brown on the Campaign Trail(s). Compiled from photos taken by San Francisco native and former photographer for the Democratic Party Peter Stein, the book lampoons Jerry Brown with a delightful DIY-ethic not seen since - well, since the 90s.

Stein and his journalist pal Tom Nadeau only put out some 1,500 copies at San Francisco book stores back in 1992 - after Nancy Pelosi tried to kill it because Brown was still campaigning to become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate. Even though Stein spent 15 years shooting photos for the party, "Pelosi got the wrong impression," he told "Anything negative about the Democratic Party and she thinks you're the enemy."

Pelosi's fervor for the DNC aside, the book is still funny nearly 20 years later. Observe these highlights we found hidden away on (Vintage Willie Brown alert on #7!)

Now that Jerry's back in the top office in California, Stein thinks the market is right to bring the book back. According to the author, copies have been fetching decent up to 50 bucks on eBay, which is less than an artsy coffee table book will run you these days, and a mere 40 original copies remain. (Most were lost during a fire at Stein's house.)

So how do we do this? Can someone get a Kickstarter fundraiser going for this guy? Or in 2011, do we just upload everything to a Tumblr and be done with it?

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