Did you know that it's technically verboten to drink and/or eat on BART? We didn't. OK, we did. And still? We do it all the time. We usually have an entire prix fixe meal shoved into our man purse, so it just makes sense, belly rumbling and all. Anyway, BART might "revisit" the idea of nixing the ban on gastronomic nourishment while riding on the trains. Why? Because they want to bring retails vendors within certain areas at BART stations.

"A couple of weeks ago, the BART board of directors voted 7-1 to approve a new policy that aims to bring retail vendors within the free areas of stations," reports SF Appeal. "At the time, BART officials said that this retail plan wouldn't change BART's no food/drink policies, but today with a vendor decision looming, at least one BART official appears to be open to the idea of riders chowing down."

Where can one eat while using BART, you wonder? "According to both state law and BART policy, passengers can drink and eat all they want in the 'Free Area,' which we define as the portion of the station that's outside the fare gates where you don't need a ticket," BART Police Chief Gary Gee said. "But BART Police Officers will ticket riders who eat or drink in the 'Paid Area,' which we define as the places where you need a ticket such as inside the fare gates of a station, on platforms or on any train. State law sets the fine as high as $250 and up to 48 hours of community service for this infraction."

Boo, hiss. Eating on BART will be the hottest foodie trend of 2011, we predict. But what do you think, should we allow crunching and munching aboard public transit?