On Tuesday, local blogger and SFist correspondent The Tenderloin Geographic Society caught a delightfully childlike handmade flyer inviting passersby to look up "Origoto and Friends" on YouTube. So we did, and guess what? It's adorable! A handmade teaser trailer for what "will soon be a show" starring Origoto (some kind of domo monster?), Chingchow (a volcano? we think?) and our favorite - Birdydoughnut, who is half-bird, half-donut. (Duh.)

As of this writing the video has less than 50 views on YouTube and we'd be willing to bet at least 15 of those were from Mom & Dad. Because we're dying to know what happens to Birdydoughnut (does she get eaten? will she fly away to safety? is she even a she?) we really need to get this show picked up. So let's all watch the above video and make this kid's day before someone points out that it's actually a viral campaign for diet skittles soda or something. Support your local independent filmmakers and all that.