Over at the Examiner, Melissa Griffin got ahold of an anonymous letter sent to San Francisco's Rec and Parks Department from someone who seems to have experienced some rope swing-related trauma in their youth complaining about the department's logo. Observe:

I must ask: In your professional opinion, when has hanging rope swings from tree limbs in our parks become a safe or acceptable practice? Certainly it presents a danger for any patron who may choose to participate in such a form of ‘recreation’, as well as for any other patron who may be nearby should the supporting limb break or fall.

The letter-writer goes on to worry about the threat of strangulation by rope swing and the "integrity of our beautiful trees," but when Griffin reached RPD Exec Director Phil Ginsburg for comment he had this to say:

"I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that most people love our logo. We hope we can swing our anonymous detractor into seeing that it is fresh, whimsical and representative of what our agency does, and that's to encourage people to get out and play."
Well played, Ginsburg. (Sorry.)